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Introducing the Visioffice® 2 system: a simple and quick process to gather the complete range of patient measurement data, accurately and consistently.

The technology behind ophthalmic lens design has improved greatly over the last 50 years, yet the way many of these lenses are measured and fit in the dispensing process has remained virtually the same. Visioffice® 2 is a unique dispensing platform that allows you to provide comprehensive patient care with a full range of accurate patient measurements, detailed and consumer-friendly patient education modules, and access to exclusive Varilux® lenses.

Over the years lens technology has advanced greatly. This gives you the opporunity to choose from many different features that might make your lens more comfortable for you. Come see us and discover which lens works best for you.

Premier Vision Services

At St. John's Eye Associates, we provide comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages. Our services include comprehensive eye exams, eyewear and contact lenses, laser vision correction, computer vision testing, and other advanced eye examinations. Our patients want more from their eyewear experience, and we continue to offer a wide range of eye care services at convenient times that accommodate our patients. To serve you better, we offer convenient weekend and evening appointments that fit your schedule.

When it comes to scheduling an eye exam, our staff works to make it easy and straightforward. Our Ponte Vedra optometrist will explain the process throughout your entire experience and answer any questions you may have. Regular eye exams are an important tool in maintaining healthy vision. Used for early detection of eye problems, eye exams help to diagnose any symptoms you may be experiencing and can help reduce the risk of further harm to your vision.

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At St. Johns Eye Associates we want your experience to be as easy and simple as possible. That's why we offer the ability for our patients to order contact lenses directly from our website.

We look forward to continuing to improve your eyes and your experience so simply click the button below to being ordering yout contact lenses from our secure ordering system.

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