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Back-to-School Eye Exam
Grade-A Eyesight for your Kids

Do You Have Grade-A Eyesight?

Your vision can change a lot over a year. And these days, it’s not exclusive to students with myopia (nearsightedness) or other age-specific conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes).

No, it’s also because the way we learn — and view our education — is changing. More lessons take place on computer screens, which pump out problematic “blue light” that increases the risk of dry eye, eye strain, headaches, and more.

If you’re at all unsure about your readiness to keep up in your courses, on the field, or even while meeting new people, don’t take the risk: schedule an eye exam!

School, Sports, & Socializing All Improve with Clear Vision. Set Yourself Up for Success Today!

Eye Exams Make All the Difference. Here’s Why:

There’s much more to eye exams than a precise vision prescription. (Though, we find that too!) These annual check-ups are the single best way to stay ahead of potential vision conditions.

If you need glasses or contacts, we correct and help manage your eyesight. If we see any signs of eye disease, we put together a treatment plan that fits your needs and busy schedule.

Getting an eye exam is always beneficial, especially for high school students, as it can help diagnose any potential vision problems that may interfere with your studies.

You Deserve Personalized Care. Schedule an Eye Exam Today!

Patient Testimonials

Back-to-School Eye Exam Testimonial


The staff are all wonderful with my children and are very knowledgeable and informative about everything they are doing and all the results

Back-to-School Eye Exam Testimonial


Excellent experience! Very friend staff, very thorough exam. Did not feel rushed when needing to pick out frames! My family will continue to use them!

Back-to-School Eye Exam Testimonial


SJEA is one of the best…me and my family have been patients for over 10 years..the service is topnotch and the Dr’s are so caring..especially Dr. Diane..if you would like quality eyecare along with caring staff..please contact them.

Back-to-School Eye Exam Testimonial


My family and I have been using St Johns Eye Associates for over 15 years. Dr. Diane and Dr. Sharokh Kapadia are absolutely amazing and have assembled an incredible team of professionals. The staff at STJEA is polite, courteous, and attententive. Their customer service is truly second to none. If google allowed a 10 Star review, I would give it to STJEA in heartbeat!

Back-to-School Eye Exam Testimonial


Have been with St Johns Eye Associates for many years. Having 8 people in the family in glasses/contacts, we are at the office many times per year and have seen each provider. All are great and well qualified. Highly recommend!!!!

Back-to-School Eye Exam Testimonial


Wonderful experience! Dr. Price was professional and attentive – and the staff were extremely welcoming and accommodating. The office is absolutely beautiful! Our family will definitely be returning.

Why Parents Love St. Johns Eye Associates

Why Parents Love St. Johns Eye Associates

We know how much you rely on your vision in school, and we have comprehensive eye care and exams to keep your sight in great shape! Are you a teenager in need of vision correction and fashionable eyewear? We also have a variety of stylish frames for you to choose from, with a special deal: enjoy 50% off your second pair after you purchase a complete set. St. Johns Eye Associates has you covered this school year with modern solutions for all your eye health and vision needs.

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