Eye Care Services in Florida

Premium Eye Care Services at St. John Eye Associates

At St. Johns Eye Associates, we offer a wide range of eye care services for you and your family. No matter what you need, our compassionate team is committed to providing you with an exceptional eye care experience.

Eye Exams — The Foundation of Eye Health

Our comprehensive and specialty eye exams are the best way for our eye doctors to determine your visual acuity and track any changes to your eye and its health. Far more than just a vision screening, our doctors go above and beyond to examine your vision and ensure you can see clearly, for life.


Our comprehensive eye exams not only provide you with an updated vision prescription but are your first line of defense against potential eye conditions. If we detect any issues during your comprehensive eye exam, we’ll tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and protect your sight.


Our children’s eye exams are just like our comprehensive eye exams but designed with younger eyes in mind! We look for issues and conditions more common in children, such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or myopia (nearsightedness), to ensure your child has a strong foundation for healthy sight.


Contact lenses require a precise prescription and comfortable fit in order to provide you with the best vision, as contact lenses sit on your eyes, as opposed to in front of them like eyeglasses. We’ll measure your eyes and determine the size and type of lens that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

Specialty Services

St. Johns Eye Associates is proud to offer a range of specialty eye care services to ensure your eyes stay healthy for years to come.

Dry Eye Therapy in Florida

Dry Eye Therapy

We have number of ways to treat and manage this common, yet uncomfortable condition that leaves your eyes feeling uncomfortable and dehydrated.
Myopia Management at St. Johns Eye Associates

Myopia Management

We use a range of treatment options to manage your child’s myopia (nearsightedness), including overnight lenses, which gently correct myopia while they sleep.
Neurolens at St. Johns Eye Associates


With its innovative prism technology, Neurolens can help correct eye misalignment and relieve symptoms like headaches and eye discomfort.

Eye Disease Disease and Management at St. Johns Eye Associates

Eye Disease
Diagnosis & Management

Our team uses advanced technology to diagnose, manage, and treat eye diseases with management plans that are completely personalized to your needs.
Diabetic Eye Exams in Jacksonville, FL

Diabetic Eye Exams

These specialized exams are designed to identify any diabetic eye diseases, like diabetic retinopathy, so we can develop a plan to keep you seeing clearly.

Emergency Eye Care at St. Johns Eye Associates

Emergency Eye Care

If something happens to your eyes, we’re here to help protect them during our normal business hours with our thorough emergency eye care services.

Trust us for Eye
Care Services

No matter what you need, whether it’s a comprehensive eye exam, a specialty vision service, or emergency eye care, the team at St. Johns Eye Associates is here to protect your eyes and help you see better. We use our expert skill and state-of-the-art technology to bring you an eye care experience like none other.

Trusted Eye Care Services in St. Augustine, FL


Darlene F.

“I had a wonderful experience at SJEA from the moment I walked through the door. I had accidentally noted my appointment on the wrong day, I didn’t realize until the associate went to check me in and notified me I was not on the schedule. I had taken the afternoon off of work to attend the appointment and was frustrated with myself as I would have to completely reschedule due to a conflict I had with the appointment I had scheduled for the next day. The associate was sympathetic and immediately checked to see if there was a potential opening in the schedule. To my delight, there was! My appointment was thorough, everyone was kind and professional and findings were clearly explained. Great selection of frames, spot on with style selection during the first presentation and great feedback. Overall exceptional experience.”

Jillian T.

“The staff is always friendly and I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen. They listen and understand your problems and help find solutions. Dr. Phillips explained everything to me in layman’s terms so I could understand his thought process. They took the time to explain my benefits and let me know the cost each step of the way so I wasn’t shocked at the end with an unexpected bill. Additionally, the staff helped me pick out the best glasses for me and were so patient through my indecisiveness. They offer a two year scratch warranty on glasses purchased from them – which is amazing! Highly recommend this office!”

Derrick H.

“Great visit for my annual checkup. As usual the staff is very friendly and professional. Everything from my initial check in through all of the eye tests, the eye exam and selection of new glasses was done in a professional manner and expeditiously accomplished.”

Keisha H.

“Great visit. The office is always very clean and the staff is extremely friendly and professional. The make sure they answer all your questions and concerns and the processes they have in place helps keep their patients safe during these times.”