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The Importance of Eye Care for Children

Your child’s eyes are constantly growing and changing, and they need to have their vision checked consistently to ensure a strong foundation for healthy sight, as they start school and throughout their lives. Your child’s eyesight is too important to put off!

When Does My Child Need an Exam?

Regular eye exams are the most surefire way to keep up with your child’s rapid eye development. Since children’s vision changes so quickly as they grow, catching any potential conditions early allows for better outcomes.

First Pediatric Eye Care

Your child should be brought in for their first comprehensive eye exam at six months of age. This helps us set a baseline for their eye health.

Early Childhood Exams

Their first follow up exam should be at age three, and then just prior to them entering first grade—usually around age five or six. Strong vision is important for developing intellectually and socially, and up to 80% of classroom learning is visual.

School Age Exams

If your child doesn’t need glasses after first grade, we suggest you schedule eye exams every two years. For children with glasses or contact lenses, annual exams should be scheduled, or as recommended by your eye doctor.

Myopia Management and Solutions for Your Child

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is very common in children. If you notice your child blinking a lot, rubbing their eyes, or squinting, it may be myopia — and it will progress as they grow. That affects their ability to learn, play, and socialize; spells more frequent glasses prescriptions; and increases their risk of eye disease later in life.

But myopia doesn’t have to get that bad! While glasses can’t slow down myopia, we can limit its progression with myopia management, a range of technologies and techniques that prevent myopia from becoming too severe. Book a consultation today to see what solutions would work best for your child’s vision and lifestyle.

Myopia Management and Solutions in St. Augustine, Florida
Pediatric Eye Care in St. Augustine, Florida

Highly Advanced Pediatric Eye Care

At St. Johns Eye Associates, we pride ourselves on delivering more efficient children’s eye care, with greater precision, so your child gets the best vision. Our computerized refraction can detect minute changes to your child’s vision, quickly and easily. We’ll take our time to fine-tune your child’s vision correction and ensure that no stone goes unturned in ensuring the greatest quality of care.

Extensive Pediatric Eyewear Warranty

Even the most careful kids will sometimes have accidents with their eyeglasses. At St. Johns Eye Associates, we think kids should be kids, which is why we take all the worrying out with our extensive eyewear warranty! All our eyeglasses, including frames for children, are under warranty for at least one year, with extended warranties for some premium lenses and frames. No matter what, our team is ready and happy to help repair your child’s glasses or get them into a new pair and keep them seeing clearly!

Myopia Management and Solutions in St. Augustine, Florida

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