Our Technology

Cutting-Edge Equipment at St. Johns Eye Associates

At St. John Eye Associates, we believe you deserve an eye care experience like none other. We back up our incredible care with advanced technology to provide patients with the exceptional results they need to see clearly and comfortably.

St Johns Eye Associates Autorefractor

Evaluate & Diagnose

We believe that early detection is your best protection against eye diseases and conditions. During our comprehensive eye exams, we’ll use our Optos Daytona retinal imager to get a complete picture of your eye and its health and our autorefractor to assess the state of any refractive errors. And to monitor any potential issues or damage to sensitive areas of your eye like the macula, optic disc and anterior segment, we use our Topcon Maestro optical coherence tomography (OCT) fundus camera and the CIRRUS 5000 OCT.

Treat & Manage

If we do see anything that can threaten or impair your vision, we have the technology needed to help. We’re able to correct eye misalignment with Neurolens and relieve dry eye symptoms with a variety of treatment options, including LipiFlow®, BlephEx®, and intense pulsed light therapy. And for our younger patients, we’ll use our equipment to measure their eyes’ axial length to diagnose myopia (nearsightedness), which we’ll treat with our specialty Ortho-K overnight and MiSight® 1 day lenses.

SJEA patient using Neurolens vr Headset
Premium Eyewear at St. Johns Eye Associates

Why Choose Us

At St. Johns Eye Associates, everything we do is designed to give you a premium patient experience. In the hands of our compassionate and experienced team, our innovative technology helps us provide you and your family with everything you need for incredible vision and longstanding eye health.