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Eyewear Options at St. Johns Eye Associates

St. Johns Eye Associates is proud to offer an incredible selection of eyeglasses, frames, and contact lenses for the entire family. Every one of our offices is stocked with eyewear options that can complement anyone’s sense of style, whether it’s classic, chic, trendy, modern, or anything in between!

Wide Selection of Eyeglass Frames at St. Johns Associates

A Wide Selection of Frames

When you visit us, you’ll receive an eyewear shopping experience like none other. Our opticians will learn all about you, your vision, and your needs, and then curate a personalized selection of frames that will suit your face shape, style, and vision needs.

The Lens Options You Need

Just like you, your vision is one of a kind, which is why we have the lens options to meet your specific requirements. We offer lenses from several leading brands, and our opticians will help you find the perfect ones to match your lifestyle and vision needs.

Lens Options in St. Augustine, Florida
Wide Selection of Eyeglass Frames at St. Johns Associates

Our Eyewear is Backed by Our Warranty

We know that even if you take every precaution possible, accidents still happen. St. Johns Eye Associates wants you to see more clearly without worrying. Our eyeglasses all come with at least a one-year warranty, and many premium lenses and frames have longer extended warranties. We want you to see as clearly as possible, so don’t hesitate to visit any one of our locations to get help with your eyeglasses!

We have the Brands You Love


Eye misalignment can lead to strain, headaches, and discomfort, but Neurolens can ease your symptoms and help you manage your condition. Neurolens uses prism technology built into the lens itself to train your eyes to work together and move as a team, providing you with clear sight and relief from your symptoms.

Selection of Eyewear Frames in St. Augustine, Florida

Shopping Experience

At St. Johns Eye Associates, you can expect a premium shopping experience that’s curated by our exert staff. Our opticians love eyewear and are committed to helping you find your new favorite pair of frames. And to make browsing our eyewear even easier, you can check out our entire selection of frames online!

Don’t Forget Sunglasses!

St. Johns Eye Associates is your source for total eye protection. Keep your eyes safe in style with our huge collection of sunglasses!