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At St. Johns Eye Associates, we put our patients’ needs above all else and are committed to providing an exceptional experience. Our team are experts in all things eye care and are proud to serve you and your family each day with personalized services — because your eyes are just as unique as you are! We’ve incorporated state-of-the-art technology in all our eye care centers, so every measurement, test, and evaluation is comfortable and addresses all your needs.

Our Experienced Eye Doctors

Our optometrists combine their years of experience with an unmatched passion for helping their patients see and feel their best. Whether you need a routine eye exam or a specialty service, we have a friendly expert ready and waiting to take care of you!

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Austin Fay, OD

Dr. Sharokh Kapadia

Sharokh Kapadia OD, FAAO

Dr Diane Kapadia

Diane Kapadia, OD

Jhaleil Phillips, O.D.


Dr. Morgan Kickliter


Jhaleil Phillips, O.D.

Jhaleil Phillips, O.D.

Dr. Samanta Price

Samantha Price, OD

Jhaleil Phillips, O.D.


Quality Eye Exams

Our experienced staff perform thorough exams with the latest eye care technology. During your exam, we’ll ask about your current eyewear, your job and hobbies, and any physical symptoms you’re experiencing. We’re committed to going the extra mile during your visit to create personalized solutions just for you, from eyewear to eye disease management. And because we also specialize in pediatric eye exams, you’ll get peace of mind for the whole family’s eye health!

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Premiere Eyewear

Our gorgeous showrooms offer a vast selection of stunning frames to choose from, and we’re even the area’s exclusive provider of certain luxury brands, like CHANEL, Cartier, and more. We’ll get all the details on your lifestyle, prescription, and eye needs to match you with the perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses. And for outstanding visual clarity without the use of glasses, we also have a variety of contacts and specialty lenses!

Shopping Experience

Your eyewear shopping appointment will be built into your visit to give you the time and attention you deserve to choose your new favorite piece of eyewear! Our team will get to know your style and personality while they measure your one-of-a-kind face so they can curate a collection of premium options for you to try on.

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Specialty Services

Our doctors go above and beyond for our patients, and that means offering more than just eye exams and vision prescriptions. Our practice offers holistic eye care for any issue you may be experiencing, with solutions ready to give you the healthiest eyes for a better quality of life! Some of the specialty services you can find at our practices include:

Dry Eye Therapy in St. John's County, FL

Dry Eye Therapy

We have advanced diagnostics that can pinpoint the cause of your dry eye, and high-tech therapies to treat the condition at its source.

Myopia Management in St. John's County, FL

Myopia Management

We provide individualized care to children with myopia (nearsightedness) to slow their condition’s progression and ensure they have clear vision and healthy eyes for life.

Neurolens Technology in St. John's County, FL


For lifechanging relief from eye misalignment and its difficult physical symptoms, we can customize any glasses frame with the revolutionary technology of Neurolens!

Eye Disease Treatment in St. John's County, FL

Eye Disease
Diagnosis & Management

To keep your eyes healthy and vision clear, we prioritize early detection of eye diseases and will build you a custom management plan if we find any.
Diabetic Eye Exam in St. John's County, FL

Diabetic Eye Exams

Our doctors understand the connection between diabetes and vision and use this expertise to protect your sight, starting with a specialized diabetic eye exam.
Diabetic Eye Exam in St. John's County, FL

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

If you’re considering laser vision correction, we offer consultations where we check your eyes, answer all your questions, and connect you with a trusted surgeon.
Emergency Eye Care in St. John's County, FL

Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies can be scary, but we’ll be there for you during regular business hours to keep your vision safe.
Woman wearing contact lenses

Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Protect your eyes against the disruptive symptoms of binocular vision dysfunction — our customized treatment plans correct eye misalignments and restore visual clarity and comfort.

We've got you Covered!

We’ve Got You Covered!

Vision insurance can help pay for routine eye care services like comprehensive eye exams and cover or reduce the price of a wide range of eyewear, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. If you don ’ t have vision insurance already, VSP is here for you — e nroll instantly today!

Why Choose Us

Our eye care centers have the advanced technology needed to provide a wide range of medical eye care options, in addition to offering an outstanding selection of eyewear and a personal shopping experience. Our team has made it their mission to deliver the highest quality services while making you feel like the most important person in the room. At St. Johns Eye Associates, you’ll get an eye care experience like none other, all in one beautiful location!

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